Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday, 27 October 2009, my first Blogger Blog!

Hi there! I have another blog, but have decided to go Blogger as well for now. I'll see how it goes and possibly stop using the other one, which is http://ausswan.multiply.com/
Anything I've posted before today will be left on Multiply. I've done some stitching in the last week or more since I wrote on the other blog, I'll post pictures very soon.
We've had some upset and joy, illness, recovery, in the last week and a bit.
Saturday before last our dog, Rex, who stays at our son's home, was stolen from his back yard. He is a gorgeous little dog, and we thought he was taken to be turned into a fighting dog or something. But Monday, I had a little poster made up, and put it in the window of our local takeaway, Roberty Bob's. Come 5pm, I got a phone call from a man who said he'd seen a dog just like our photos, sitting on the front step of the hospital, way over on the other side of town. So we all jumped in the car, raced over to the hospital, searched the hospital grounds, calling out to Rex, asked everyone we saw if they'd seen him. Just as I was headed out to the car again, where DH and DS were waiting by then, I saw a black dog in a neighbouring street, following a man across the road. I pointed up the street, and DS jumped out of the car, closely followed by DH. They went up the street maybe 2 houses up, and what do you know? It WAS our Rex! I immediately went back to the hospital, thanked the staff there for offering to keep an eye out for us, then we went to the store, bought him a new collar, as both collars he'd been wearing were gone. We also got a chain and a couple of padlocks for his gate at home! Yay! Happy ending for that one!
On the health front, I had a bit of scare the same weekend. I had a severe dizzy spell in the shower Friday night, didn't think too much of it at the time. Went off to bed that night, early. Next morning I was still extremely dizzy, felt like I was walking on a slant. A couple of other things were wrong, but I'm not putting what they were here, not till I get it checked by the doctor, which I can't do till next month. DH and DS were a bit worried about me, I ended up spending almost all day in bed, which is highly unusual for me. Not one 'x' was stitched that day, which is also unusual. On Sunday I was fine again, but it certainly was scary! If it happens again, it will be up to the hospital to get it checked out! Been okay since then, so hopefully it was a one off.
My goodness, I've rambled on a bit, and no pics to show just yet....
I'll have to get off my butt and take a couple of pics, to show what I'm all about!
Love ya's, bye for now!

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