Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday January 10, 2010

Ok, it's been 2 months, I'd better update with something! I've been busily stitching away, never lost that mojo, just the blogging one. Sorry folks.
As you can see by the photo (those who know me anyway) I had my hair lopped off a month ago. It's all the fault of Rene la Frog! She's an online buddy from my Yahoo group ILCS. She had hair about the same length as mine, and she looked so good when she got hers cut off! I'm not happy with mine though, and will be growing it back again.
DH took a trip up to Queensland for a week in November, to attend a surprise 60th birthday party for his older sister. I missed him while he was gone, but DS kept me company most of the days he was gone. A couple of weeks after he got back, he and I both went to Dapto for a special visit. We presented his sister with her birthday present that I stitched for her. It was well received. It was up on her wall that very night, lol. It was nice travelling, the countryside was still so brown, drought conditions still prevail, but going up through the mountains towards the coast, everything was lush and green. It made a lovely change to what I see every day here!
The trip down the other side of the mountain, at Macquarie Pass, was absolutely terrifying to me though! It seemed like we made the 15km descent in about 2 seconds flat! Aaaarrrggghhh!!!
I'm not fond of the Pass at all.
Healthwise, things are going pretty much the same as usual, I go into hospital at the end of this month for a day procedure, hopefully the results will be ok. It's a procedure I should have had done 10 years ago, with the family history of certain cancers. But, it's all booked now, just want to get it over with.
On the stitchy side
I'm stitching on 2 projects at the moment, both BAPs. L&L's Angel of Grace is going slowly, I'm up to a heap of white at the moment. I pick it up once every couple of weeks, to keep DH happy.

The main piece I'm working on is my Mystic Stitch pattern - Chrysella. I'm about 7.5% done on her, which doesn't sound like a real lot, but parts of the actual picture are starting to show up! It's surprising just how much background there is in a 24 page pattern! I'll try to get photos later.

Making things easier now is my new Q-snap frame. I ordered it between Christmas and New Year, and it arrived in the mail the first postal service after the New Year. Now that's FAST!!!

Talking of the New Year, I'd like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year, I hope it's a lot better than last year was for you all.


  1. I like your haircut! Glad to hear you are stitching and stitching. I hope everything goes well at the end of the month.

  2. Hello Lucy I like your haircut too. After you have had long hair it takes getting used to. Hope you find time to post some pictures of your WIP's will look forward to it.

  3. I love the short hair cut. I know when you go from long to short it takes a bit getting used to. Once I go short I never want to go long again but it eventually happens somehow. I hope your dr appt at the end of the month is successful.