Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it

okay, it's only been a couple of days, but I'm feeling a little bit talkative right this minute. (That may change at any time! lol)
I've started a new stitching project (of course), this time I'm doing Guardian Angel, by Lavender & Lace. I'll take a piccy of it later tonight.
I have a couple of Barbara Baatz Angels ready to go all bar the Kreinik threads. Having trouble finding them at a decent price online, especially the shipping costs to Australia. I might have to just bite the bullet and head into Parkes, the next town over, and see if the lovely Vanessa at the LNS can order them in for me. Of course that will mean an extra trip into Parkes when they arrive!
On the Education front, I'm finally making a bit of headway with my Cert 3 in Information Technology course. The module I'm on, part 2 of assignment 3, I had to install Windows 7 on a computer at Tafe, and it sort of put me out a bit, and I forgot how to do my research for the other assignments! However this past week, I'm back on track. Got a lot of research done, a lot of writing and typing, and DS Tom even did some typing for me yesterday. He's so fast! One little typing test he did, he got up to 123.6 wpm!!!! Freaky!
He should go for a job as a typist! Way beats my 67 or so wpm. And it would be indoors, which he wants, as he burns very easily in the sun. I would love it if he could get any job at all....
I heard from my DM the other night, so now I know she's out of hospital. I didn't find out she was even in hospital until I read it on Facebook! Not good! I phoned my sister up, as she lives in the same town as Mum, and had a go at her about that. My stepfather thought he'd lost her this time, when the doctors and nurses were talking about putting her on life support! Apparently she's having trouble with her breathing. She went through a bad time with cancer over the last year and a bit, or is it longer? I totally have no concept of time. She also has emphysemia (sp?). If we get bad colds or any other virus, we don't go anywhere near her. I love you Mum!
I might not be able to get to Dubbo to visit as often as I'd like, but my love goes across the miles permanently to you.
Okay, starting to get a bit soppy here, so signing off for now.
Everyone have a great day, and to those who celebrate Halloween, enjoy!


  1. Hope your mom feels better soon.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your Mom not feeling well and being in the hospital. I hope she has improved and is home now.