Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Hot November!

Okay, we're now into November, 2 days in a row 37 and 38 deg Celsius (about 98F).
As promised, here is the photo of my current WIP, Angel of Grace, by Lavender & Lace. If you click on the picture it will "bigify", as one of my ILCS group friends likes to say. I'm really enjoying stitching on her. She's being done on 32 count Belfast Linen, 2 over 2, with DMC threads only.
Got a phone call from the DS today, his laundry bag is full. So I popped down town first to get some felt, to make my eyeglass case with the wolf 'bookmark', then around to his place to get his laundry and bring it home to wash for him tomorrow. I know, we spoil him!
Nothing else happened here in the last couple of days, so will sign off.
Love and hugs to all

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